It’s Paul Ryan

Mittens’ pick of Paul Ryan as his running mate makes him a tad bit more palatable. He’s still Mittens “ban assault weapons” ObamneyCare. But at the very least he has picked a running mate who had the balls to propose a real plan to balance the budget and cut spending. Not a PERFECT plan by any means, but a good faith effort to get us out of a financial hole.

Expect the same lack of enthusiasm for Mittens as there was for McShitstain last year. And while MaveRINO picked himself a running mate with a lot of style and little substance, Paul Ryan at least walks the walk. Paul Ryan has the balls to walk it.

Expect the media to give him a proctological exam and slam him from every side. I hope he takes the heat with his customary class.

That said, I’m not having a spontaneous orgasm for the GOP ticket, because it’s still a shit sandwich. But at least the addition of Paul Ryan makes it a shit sandwich with a side order of the BEST chocolate shake around.

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  1. Don’t think Sarah didn’t have substance. What she did with AK was pretty damn good, and she had not set her sights on the national scene yet. Ryan has the advantage of fighting for a decent budget for the last 4 years. Anything is better than BHO


    1. I have to disagree. Palin was food at marketing and getting crowds excited. But when I listened to her actual speeches, beyond the normal political platitudes, I had to cringe. This is a much better choice.




    I can honestly say I never thought I would see the terms “spontaneous orgasm” and “shit sandwich” in the same sentence.  Not that I’d given it that much thought…

    I can always count on you to surprise me.  Thanks.



    1. Steve, I’m here to help.🙂


  3. Radical Leftist heads are exploding/imploding everywhere this weekend, but one of the best is the thread on D.U. that bemoans not Ryans political ideals…. but the fact that ‘ZOMG, HE HUNTS BAMBI!!1!1!!!.’, and is apparently somewhat successful at it. Comedy gold over there today, I tell ya, but it does leave one craving a shower and a long drink when done.


    1. Oh THAT must be a beautiful thing to behold! Please! More photos of dead Bambi!


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