“Be mindful of your sources…”

Advice to Harry Reid from Jay Carney after the former cited an anonymous source claiming Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years?

You wish!

No, this is advice from a member of the administration that refuses to condemn Reid for this opprobrious accusation against Romney telling the press to consider their source when asked by the press about a Drudge Report article claiming that Mitt Romney was considering selecting former Army General and current CIA Director David Petraeus as his running mate.

Drudge = bad

Harry Reid’s anonymous source = good

Got it.

Carry on.


One response

  1. Drudge = bad

    Harry Reid’s anonymous source = good

    I am reminded of a quote where black becomes white… ah yes, here it is…

    Liberalism is a disease, just like tuberculosis of the spine. Liberalism works like that on the soul. Appearances become deceptive and the consequences of clearly present causes are dismissed as superstition. There are people even now who don’t believe that Napoleon was in Moscow. … The most shameful products of godlessness destroy human feelings of nobility … Black becomes white, darkness is called light …. I have, as in the case of physical disease, mentioned the mental symptoms of the final stages. God forbid that you, my friend, should be seriously ill. But you seem to me to be sick, because disbelief in conspiracy is the first unmistakable symptom of the liberalism that dessicates the soul.

    -Letter of Friedrich Wilhelm IV to Christian Bunsen, Prussian Ambassador to England, March 1848.


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