Speaking of lack of class…

Here’s a fat, ugly cunt protesting Chick-Fil-A. It’s not enough to not give the business your money. Apparently this hate-filled sack of ass meat must also drive around and denigrate those supporting the corporation head’s right to speak his mind (to a Baptist newspaper, by the way), accuse those eating at CFA of bestiality, and hurling similar love and tolerance-filled progressive affection to those with whom she disagrees by claiming they sodomize themselves with chicken breasts.

Isn’t she just filled with love and tolerance?


This is how the charming, tolerant, prognazis disagree with others. They accuse them of bestiality and scream epithets at them. Nice.

This fat bitch makes Adam Smith look like a nun at a homeless shelter by comparison!

I’m sure SANE homosexuals just love having this bloated, fetid sack of drooling dementia as their spokesthing!



3 responses

  1. Your awesome. Thanks for this.


  2. Nicki…I think you just insulted cunts the world over!


    1. Well look who decided to come out and say hi!

      It’s not an insult to rancid, smelly, nasty koonts. It’s all in your perspective.


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