A girl with class

After the shitstorm Adam Smith caused by abusing and harassing a girl named Rachel at a Chick-Fil-A in Tuscon, AZ, Rachel’s fiance started a blog about the incident. He detailed the incident, including the transcript of what happened, and he blogged the aftermath, including the subsequent apology from Smith. While Rachel doesn’t seem to be an active participant in the weblog, she did post the following, which tells me a lot about the caliber of person this woman is.

First off, this is Rachel posting. I have received many comments and messages from supporters concerning the response I will give publicly about the situation with Mr. Smith. I am aware of his current situation and the swift response of his former company, Vante, with his firing.

It is not, was not and will never be my intention or hope to see him or his family suffer. We all make mistakes, and with today’s viral media, this mistake has cost him dearly.

I don’t want to say too much, but I urge you all to keep watching as this event unfolds over the next few days. I’m still the same Rachel that I was two days ago before my face went out to every computer screen and TV in America. With the guidance of my amazing family, my supportive fiance, and the wonderful company I work for, I will continue to do the right thing.

Thank you all and have a good night!


Nuff said.

And for those of you who are still making excuses for Smith’s behavior, maybe you should look up the definition of class.


2 responses

  1. A lesson for everyone here.


  2. The majority of the Adam Smith executive-types can only WISH they had the class this girl does.

    Adam Smith, both in his “public service” harassment of a worker and his subsequent “apology” (ROTFLMFAO), has proven a favorite adage of mine:

    “Neckties exist to keep executive foreskins inside their shirts”.


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