Another Facebook Second Amendment debate

I got into it with another hoplophobic dimwit on a friend’s Facebook page tonight. This one is a Brazilian national who started questioning our “gun culture,” proceeded to ask a series of insulting questions about our Charles Bronson “fantasies,” accused us of being “cowboys,” and ended with the claim that we, Americans “creep her out” with our gun culture.

I suddenly have this disturbing image in my little box of a bunch of polite middle aged men exchanging pleasantries in a shooting range. Gun or no gun, you guys give me the creeps. Your false sense of security and safety is misguided. Having a gun increases the possibility of you, your aggressor, or your perceived threat to get injured or killed. Law enforcement authorities continuously warn that it is safer NOT to have a gun, and not to react to a robbery or assault. Had I had a gun on me the day they held a gun to my head, I doubt the outcome would have been good. What do you think you or I could have done, drawn a gun and started a shooting? Wasn’t it better just to raise my hands and let them take my wallet and the two dollars that were in it? Would that have been worth losing my life for, or killing some kid for? Within a couple of hours they was arrested by the police. I guess you walk around thinking there are people around you with the intent to kill you, but you know what? I truly doubt that. Unless you have a bunch of enemies, that threat does not exist, my friend. Come on…just admit it…secretly you would love to see a bunch of slow-moving zombies crawling out of their graves so you could exercise your precious right…..

I wasn’t going to get involved in the original discussion, but that last comment pissed me off. My reply in its entirety is here, and it also gives a pretty good overview of my views on gun rights in general.

@Renata – you know, I wasn’t going to address your questions, because everyone else did a good job of it, but now that you’ve decided to insult America’s culture and traditions not just by claiming we give you “the creeps,” but also spewing vapid and untrue generalizations about gun ownership, I feel the need to address your pathetic idiocy.

Let’s start with the fact that having the right to keep and bear arms is the sign of a truly free people. The fact that we have a founding document that acknowledges and PROTECTS this right from government infringement means that we the people have the right to armed rebellion should our government become tyrannical. This reason for the inclusion of the 2A can be found in the Founders’ earliest writings. They rightfully believed that should a government overstep its bounds, “The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair.”

That is the symbolic meaning of the right to keep and bear arms, if nothing else. And it makes us the bosses of our government, not the other way around like in most nations.

In a more practical sense, guns are used an average of 2.5 million times to save lives in this country. Many times they are merely brandished, and not even fired. When faced with an armed thug, I would rather be armed than not, because at least I will have had a chance against my attacker. I have cowered disarmed and have become victim of a rapist in a city that wouldn’t allow me to carry, and I can tell you had I been armed, I would have at least fought back. People like you, who cower at the very thought of taking responsibility for their own safety sicken me! People like you who are “creeped out” by those who refuse to cede accountability for their well-being and that of their loved ones are disgusting creatures who insist on cowering in a corner while a thug rapes or kills their children while waiting for the cops.

The armed culture creeps you out? I’m sure you’d be creeped out at the elderly Connecticut homeowner who shot an intruder who broke into his home and tried to bite him, or the paraplegic who would have wound up nothing but a helpless victim if not for his tool of self defense, or this elderly man who shot and killed intruders in Detroit after they broke into his home. I’m sure you’d have rather seen them cower and give their assailants everything they wanted. I’m sure you’d have rather had them grovel and beg for their lives.

People like YOU creep me out! People who don’t understand personal responsibility, courage, and the ability to fight for their lives. You sicken me, because you’re nothing but a cowardly sheep, and not worth any more of my time.


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  1. Nicki, I’m so tired of you mincing your words. Please start saying what you mean and quit beating around the bush. Seriously, thank you for your continued outspoken and articulate defense of our precious 2nd amendment rights.


    1. My pleasure, sir.


  2. When I read the statement before the reply I thought “Well this is going to leave a mark” I wasn’t dissapointed.


    1. Would it surprise you that she didn’t reply?


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