Time to start making calls, people

The Hill reports the usual suspects swine are trying to slip a high capacity magazine ban into the cybersecurity bill under the radar.

The authoritarian swine include Schumer, Feinstein, and NRA darling Kristen Gillibrand. In the wake of the horrific Aurora shooting last week, the opportunistic swine just couldn’t pass up their shot.

It’s time to call your Senators and tell them to vote down SA 2575, which would limit possession and transfer of magazines and other feeding devices to no more than 10 rounds. Do NOT allow these statist swine to erode your rights!

The vast majority of you have committed no crime with your high-capacity magazines. You have committed to crime with your semiautomatic weapons. But YOU will be the ones punished, while every thug will continue to purchase any magazine and other feeding device illegally and with virtual impunity.

Make those calls. Do it soon. Do it before they render the Second Amendment toothless.


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  2. Granny Grunch

    If it comes to it..ten 10 round magazines equal 100 rounds. The old M1 Garand clip (it is a clip) contained 8 cartridges and made a lot of good ones out of bad ones…


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