Shave that POS

Preferably with a chainsaw.

Fort Hood gunman Nidal Hassan decided that he was going all Muslim lately, so he’s refusing to shave. The military is having none of that.

The military judge who will oversee the trial of the man accused in the 2009 Fort Hood massacre ruled Wednesday that if Maj. Nidal Hasan doesn’t shave by the start of jury selection, he will be forcibly shaved.

Col. Gregory Gross has been telling Hasan he must shave, in accordance with Army regulations. Hasan, who is a Muslim, has refused to shave for more than a month, apparently in keeping with Quranic teachings.

So he was OK in keeping with uniform and appearance standards prior to the shooting, when he was advocating terrorism against American troops by the followers of the Religion of Peace in his capacity as a US Army military officer. Now all of a sudden, he claims he can’t for religious reasons?

Fuck that!

He’s still in the military, and is still subject to appearance standards under AR 670-1. There should be no special dispensation for that murderous bag of fetid swine jizz. Shave him forcibly if need be.


3 responses

  1. VonZorch Imperial Researcher

    My preference for a shaver for it would be a blow torch. Fueled with liguified pig fat.


  2. Don’t shave him. Let him look all the more like the madman he is. It should make the jury look more unfavorably on him, increasing the chances of conviction and execution. And remember, grease those bullets with bacon grease!


    1. Actually it doesn’t. He is a member of the military, and he will be judged in a court martial. We cannot allow military members to violate appearance regulations merely because they claim religion. Sorry. You want to look like a camel-fucking fundamentalist lunatic, don’t join the military.


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