Leftard scum to vote to curtail your rights

Oh, this is rich. The Trayvon Amendment will be offered up in the House of Representatives!

The amendment, which would withhold some grants from states that have such laws, will come as part of the House’s debate on the Commerce Department spending bill.

“‘Shoot-first’ laws have already cost too many lives. In Florida alone, deaths due to self-defense have tripled since the law was enacted. Federal money shouldn’t be spent supporting states with laws that endanger their own people,” said Reps. Raul Grijalva of Arizona and Keith Ellison of Minnesota, the two Democrats who are offering the legislation. “This is no different than withholding transportation funds from states that don’t enforce seat-belt laws.”

Oh noes! People defended themselves legally, and scumbags died! What a tragedy!

And it’s part of the Commerce Department spending bill? What. The. Fuck.

Apparently the “stand your ground” law was invoked 11 times in similar incidents to the Trayvon Martin case since 2006. Eleven.  Three of those cases are still pending, including Martin’s. Two of those weren’t even firearm incidents. In one case there was no fatality.

This is none of the federal government’s business. These are criminal matters dealt with by jurisdictions, and it’s up to the courts to decide whether these cases were true cases of self defense.

Fuck! We’re not even sure yet if the “stand your ground” law is applicable in this case, but petty, pathetic tyrants are already rushing to use Trayvon Martin’s death to relieve you of your rights!

How about someone offer up a Strait Amendment that will reward states for protecting the people’s right to self defense? Maybe if Bob Strait shot the scumsucking bags of mashed cock who invaded his house and raped his wife, he and Nancy Strait would be alive today!


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  2. Once again proving that statist totalitarians will do anything to turn armed citizens into unarmed sheeple defenseless against oppression and slaughter.


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