This is the kind of legislator we need in Congress

I’ve written about Ken Vaughn before here, here, here and here. I’ve discussed his Second Amendment views and his commitment to serving this nation and the people of Virginia’s 11th District.

But now let’s talk taxes.  We all hate paying them. We all look at our paychecks and shake our heads in disbelief and disgust. We all shudder at tax time, hoping that somehow we don’t wind up owing the IRS more.

Taxes are inevitable. They are necessary to fund the government – functions necessary to protect this nation and to run our legal system. We know this. But taxes are more than that.

They fund a gargantuan bureaucracy that has grown out of control.

They pay the exorbitant salaries of politicians – their opulent lifestyles and lifetime benefits.

They are given away as corporate welfare.

They are redistributed to those unwilling or unable to support themselves.

Et cetera. Et cetera. Et cetera. (Yes, I’m quoting “The King and I.” Don’t judge.)

Our tax code is ridiculously complicated and long. I’ve heard Ken Vaughn say that it’s “four times longer than the King James Bible.” It’s complicated. It’s absurd. It’s confusing. Hell, it’s so confusing, that even the Treasury Secretary was nonplussed!

What would Ken do about it?

He would work to change it. To simplify it. To ensure that everyone is being taxed fairly – that regular Americans aren’t carrying the burden, while corporations spend billions on lobbying Congress for tax loopholes and the indolent sit on their butts and pay nothing.

The end result of this complexity is that most people feel that others are not paying their fair share. The left typically uses this as a rallying cry to “tax the rich”, but raising tax rates does not solve the problem of special interests getting tax breaks, it will only make this problem worse. Likewise, the right typically points out that roughly 50% of the country is not paying any net income tax, but permanently extending tax cuts will also just extend this problem.

The real solution lies in a simpler tax code. A flat tax, a fair tax, the 9-9-9, or any other simple solution will greatly reduce the regulatory burden on our society while giving all tax payers confidence that everyone is contributing to their government. I personally prefer a solution such as the Fair Tax, but any of these solutions will address or eliminate all of the problems cited above and result in a more robust American economy – and that is what all of our politicians should be focused on.

This is why I like Ken. He understands the problems. He states them plainly and simply. He understands that payroll taxes, gas, phone and other excise taxes, federal, state, corporate and estate taxes all serve to make our nation less competitive, reduce consumer demand and destroy incentives to save.

This is the kind of legislator we need in Washington.

We don’t need the same old politicians who will work to “save” the entitlement goodies to which this nation has become accustomed.

We don’t need a politician whose sole purpose is to get in the Good Ole Boys’ Club in Congress and perpetuate the same destructive policies we’ve seen from Washington for decades.

We need someone who will stand up to the Establishment, who will bring fresh, new ideas to Washington and who will work to implement true change.

We don’t need someone who will make empty promises to save entitlements.

We need someone who will work to reform them.

We don’t need someone who promises to cut taxes.

We need someone who will work to change the tax code altogether.

That is what Ken Vaughn brings to the table.

Any questions?


One response

  1. Ken GETS IT in a way that so few politicians do. So many Republicans claim to love the free market, then do everything in their power to make more loopholes and programs in order to shove the economy in their preferred direction. “Oh but THIS bit of corporate welfare is for jobs!” Yeah… and we’d have more jobs if we got rid of “economic development” spending, carve-outs for the well-connected, etc, and were able to lower rates for EVERYONE.

    Nationally, Republicans are moving in the right direction, but not fast enough for my liking. We need people like Ken Vaughn at all levels of government, and we need them now.


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