Yet another reason to vote for Patrick Murray

As if you didn’t have enough reasons to vote for Patrick Murray instead of the violent, Marxist thug we currently have allegedly “representing” Virginia’s 8th District in Congress, I now give you yet another reason.

So there’s this guy. His name is Bruce Shuttleworth.  Shuttleworth is a vet. He’s a former Navy Pilot.  He’s a graduate of Annapolis and Harvard Business School. From what I see, he seems like a decent guy. He bills himself as a “progressive” warrior.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I disagree with Mr. Shuttleworth on nearly everything. He’s a redistributionist, seems to think government is savior, and is all about nationalized health care – a horror I don’t care to repeat having been born in the former USSR.

But Mr. Shuttleworth had the balls to challenge Jim Moran for the Democrat nomination for this fall’s Congressional elections, and that’s where things went very badly.

According to the above source, it’s very possible Moran’s goons engaged in some serious election fraud.

It was announced last week that Jim Moran’s primary challenger, Bruce Shuttleworth, failed to qualify for the primary.

The Democratic Party of Virginia said Shuttleworth submitted 1,823 ballot petition signatures, but only 983 were valid, 17 short of the 1,000-signature requirement, and was thus disqualified.

Now guess who just happens to be the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia! None other than Jim Moran’s brother Brian Moran. Isn’t THAT just coincidental!

Mr. Shuttleworth, to his credit, didn’t back down and announced he’d be suing the bastard.  Good for him!

Mr. Shuttleworth’s team discovered that numerous irregularities had occurred during the process of counting the petition signatures. Of 1,823 petition signatures submitted to the 8th Congressional District Democratic Committee Chairwoman, only 983 were alleged to have been valid, only 17 short of the requirement to file as a primary Democratic Party Candidate.

The legal challenge asserts many missing petitions and highlights hundreds of valid signatures that were somehow omitted. One thousand signatures are required to be included on the ballot and the validation of each signature is currently at the sole discretion of the Chairperson of Virginia’s 8th Congressional District Democratic Committee.

Whooops!  That Chairperson that just happens to be the brother of the incumbent!

Gee… I wonder how THAT happened!

Well, apparently the corrupt thuggery that is the Virginia Democrats has backed down. Mr. Shuttleworth WILL be on the ballot after all.

Kudos to Mr. Shuttleworth for not backing down! I may disagree with him on the issues, but the man stood up to the fraudulent corruptocrats that are the Morans and their bootlickers in the Democratic party of Virginia.

“I think this sordid episode makes it clear that my opponent and his supporters will do anything, resort to almost anything to deny a reasonable choice,” Shuttleworth said to a small crowd of supporters and 2-3 journalists. “What kind of pathetic, smoke-filled backroom, Tammany Hall corruption is going on around here?”

Indeed, Mr. Shuttleworth. Indeed.

Moran seems to have a history of being an abusive thug to veterans. That’s nothing new.

It’s also nothing new that his pathetic acolytes are engaging in what appears to be massive fraud to ensure that this particular bag of vinegar and water is on the ballot this fall.

Moran had a seemingly-credible primary challenger in 2010, Ronald Mitchell, who was also disqualified by the party.

Whoops again!

Now, obviously, since I don’t agree with Shuttleworth on hardly anything, I will not be voting for him this fall. But at least there’s a possibility that the 8th District has a real choice.

It’s time to send both Morans out to pasture in disgrace.

It’s time to rid this state of the immoral, disrespectful, corrupt, violent goon that is Moran.

And it’s time to get to work to elect Patrick Murray to Congress!

Go. Do. Help. At once.



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  1. “What kind of pathetic, smoke-filled backroom, Tammany Hall corruption is going on around here?”
    Just business as usual for the Demonrats.


  2. “What kind of pathetic, smoke-filled backroom, Tammany Hall corruption is going on around here?”
    Just business as usual for the Demonrats


  3. Hello Nicki,

    You, your boyfriend and your readers do have another choice to represent you in Congress.

    I am Jason Howell and I’m running for the 8th as a fiscally conservative Independent. Last Summer I became disgusted watching Congress “debate” and create a debt crisis. As a former Accountant I was disappointed by our debt downgrade -the first in all of our history.

    Someone from our generation needs to step outside of their comfort zone and step up to our civic duty to succeed for the benefit of future Americans. I am volunteering. I’m running for Congress to help focus our politics on the things that matter: love, liberty and leadership.

    These are ideals that made America before we were ever a country. Those are the things that got me off of my seat and into the race. Partisan politics is willing to risk anything now -even our financial standing in the world. Let’s choose another path.

    Together we can make history but replacing an incumbent with an Independent. I will be campaigning to win all of the way to November 6th.

    Please take a look at my site for my stance on 12 major issues and please share the word of my campaign.


    PS. Sorry about Prickles.


    1. Sorry but you’re not going to get a plurality in a left-leaning district. All you’ll do is split what few right-leaning votes there are. You look like a good candidate in general; I hope you run for a local office in 2013.


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