Cough Drops… they’re a right, right?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about whether or not birth control is a right.  Feminists are shrieking that it’s a right for which others have to pay. The current administration decided that birth control was a right – a right it could force insurance companies and employers to fund. Sandra Fluke – a political activist at Georgetown – decided it was a right she could force her Catholic school – the school SHE CHOSE WILLINGLY – even though I’m fairly sure there were other law schools that she could have attended, but chose, in fact, to attend a Catholic school – to subsidize for her and her friends.

Why? Because apparently, these women, who are attending one of the best schools in the nation, cannot afford $10 per month for a birth control pill, and ergo, their Catholic school must provide it for them free of charge, even though it goes against the school’s fundamental values.

I have discussed the concept of rights versus needs versus wishes on this site before. I’ve spoken of it here, herehere, here and  here. Get the feeling I talk about rights a lot? I will repeat it again:

Yes, good health is a right. No, health care is not.  Demanding care without paying for it and giving the politicians the authority to take it from someone who must invariably provide it and give it to you free of charge – an authority you don’t have yourself – is an infringement on the right of another to lay claim to his labor and ability.

Look at it this way: you don’t have the right to put a gun to someone else’s head and demand they give you food, shelter, clothing a new car, medication or anything else.  That would be taking their property by force.

What makes you think you have the right to make any elected official or government to initiate that same force on your behalf against others?

Birth control, while it’s nice to have, is not a right either, and ergo, no government has the authority to initiate force on your behalf in order for you to get it.

Your needs are not my concern.

Your wants are not my responsibility.

Nor are they the responsibility of insurance companies who choose not to fund them, nor the employers who choose not to provide them.

If they were, you’d be enslaving us to provide you with salad, beds, homes and cough drops. Yes. Cough drops.


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  1. This is all a distraction, really, to divert our attention away from Dear Leader’s continued assault on our basic freedoms and to give a tame media fodder for their “Conservatives Hate Women and Want Them to Die Horribly” meme. Not that he really needs anything, except for his narrative. However, I’ve noted regular people are more and more pissed off at him. And a friend who runs a gun store says he spends all his time trying to find inventory.

    One wonders if Obama is trying to force Americans to rise up before the election, of if he’s completely oblivious to it.


    1. Dude! Watch the video. It’s friggin’ fantastic!


  2. The point is, even when we make this bimbo look like a total idiot, it seems to backfire and only proves that we want our wimmens to die horribly from no birth control…us conservatives want our wimmenfolk barefoot, pregnant, and chained to the kitchen.

    The video was hilarious, but I have doubts it’ll have the effect, at least on the leftards, that we would expect.


    1. Probably not, but you know what? At least we know that there are talented, imaginative, creative people out there who believe in right and wrong. And that already makes me feel better.


  3. You are absolutely right. And maybe I’m just too pessimistic. Maybe the horse will learn how to sing. And I’m not ready to surrender, roll over, and play dead. I know you’re not, either.


  4. A. He reminds me of the guy with the wild hair on Ancient Aliens.

    B. How is good health a right? One could argue it’s a reward for clean living, or a gift from G-d, but since man can not give you good health, he therefore can not take good health from you, so it’s not a right.

    C. The outrage over Rush calling Fluke names has served a major purpose: the controversy exposed the misogyny (sp?) practiced by many on the Left, and gave independents, ignorants, and folks new to the voting scene a basis for comparison. And the Left is not faring well in that comparison.


    1. Good health is a right in that you have the right to take steps to keep yourself healthy, to perpetuate your life, to eat right, exercise, etc. You have the right to keep yourself in good health. You don’t have the right to demand others do it for you.


  5. No one has a right to NOT DIE.


  6. The best birth control is free: c@m in a cup or Swallow. Whats all upset about?


  7. Virgin thought:
    I got it! Vibes and didos ( the good ones really get you off , like the one from  Sex and the city) must be bought for all woman as part of health care ( one must buy her own battiers) as a way to lower the effect iof sex! That’s what Obama is really pushing, arguments about liberty aside, (some) woman want orgasms without the change of momdom. I like toys, even more now that I am big girl, and would mind paying into a government fund that gave big girls toys instead of birth controll. it’s probably cheaper: you get one and a warrant, after than you on your own. It works, right?
    since (safe).  sex is sright?  Note: I am being a smart ass but it would be kinda cool if this happen…..


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