An open letter to those who have a problem with Tommy Jordan’s parenting

First, a bit of background:

About a week ago, a guy named Tommy Jordan made a YouTube video to his daughter Hannah.

Apparently, Hanna had a bit of a problem with the chores she was asked to do, and posted her displeasure on Facebook, making a considerable effort to hide the whiny post from her parents.

Tommy Jordan is an IT professional, and there was no hiding the post, so when he saw it, he made a video just for her.

It would behoove you to watch this video, but should you decide not to, Tommy Jordan told Hannah exactly why her petulant, puerile complaint about having to provide a modicum of help around the house was invalid, why it was inappropriate, and why he was going to ground her.  He then proceeded to shoot her laptop with his .45.

The video went viral in mere days, with kudos pouring in from all over the country.

After all, it’s about time someone showed our entitled little brats that their possessions are not an entitlement, that they do have responsibilities to live up to and that as long as they live in their parents’ homes and their parents purchase their stuff, they have the right to ask them to help around the house.

Well, apparently, some people don’t think so.  According to a follow-up story, Tommy Jordan got a visit from the authorities, because some sniveling, interfering excuses for whining sub-human creatures decided to call the police and dispatch Child Protective Services to Mr. Jordan’s home.

The former Marine wrote on his Facebook page that Child Protective Services officials came to his home in Stanly Co. on Saturday and interviewed him and his daughter — separately — after viewers of the video called with concerns about his actions.

He said the police also stopped by.

“The police by the way said ‘Kudos, sir,’ ” Jordan wrote. “I actually had a “thank you” from an entire detectives squad. And another police officer is using it in a positive manner in his presentation for the school system. How’s about those apples? Didn’t expect THAT when you called the cops did you?”

Didn’t quite turn out as the blubbering shitslurpers hoped, now did it?

So here’s my open letter to them.

Dear Kvetching Malcontents –

It has come to my attention that you have soiled your collective diapers over Tommy Jordan’s video in which he shoots his defiant kid’s laptop. Some of you lost bowel and bladder control so severely, that you felt the need to contact the authorities and voice your whining displeasure at this man’s actions and demand that law enforcement and child protective services visit his home!

You. Are. What’s. Wrong. With. This. Society.

You don’t understand that as a parent he has a right to discipline his child.

You can’t comprehend that the disrespectful rant she posted on her Facebook is a slap in the face to the very people who make it possible for her to HAVE a Facebook account, let alone access to the Internet, a home, clothes, a cell phone and every other thing she possesses with their hard work.

You shit yourselves at the thought of a parent actually doing what’s right, because you’re either too stupid or too cowardly to do it yourselves.

Get this straight, you sanctimonious dildoes – kids need discipline. They need structure. And yes, sometimes they need to be shocked into remembering to be humble, grateful and responsible!

He is not her friend. He is her parent. He has an obligation to teach her right from wrong. And until she goes to work and earns her own way, he has the absolute right to take away anything he has given her.

You inadequate, miserable failures are the same types who insist that teachers never yell at your precious munchkins, even if they act like disrespectful assclowns in class.

You brainless maggots are the same types who demand that children not be allowed to fail in class, because it scars their little egos.

You unctuous fucknozzles are the ones who think your spawn’s feelings are more important than discipline, personal responsibility, hard work and achievements.

You. Are. The. Problem.

Obviously you pusillanimous jackholes can’t even stomach the sight of a gun, so you got piously appalled, and you called the police on this man, even though he did absolutely nothing illegal, and was well within his right to do so.

You wasted law enforcement time and resources forcing them to investigate a man who did exactly what a good parent should do. He taught his child a lesson – something to which you pathetic, petty losers are obviously oblivious.

I guarantee you one thing: this man’s daughter will grow up to be a responsible, hard-working, respectful human being.

If God and Goddess forbid you assnuggets ever breed, yours will grow up to be whining, self-entitled assholes who think the world owes them.

I know the kind of people I want in this world. So please do me a favor and take yourselves out of the gene pool. I have a rusty butter knife available for your use.


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  1. Nicki,

    I’m happily married, but I nearly blurted out “I love you” when I read this.

    Damn, if you don’t toss around insults well…


    1. And THAT is why I write! LMAO!!!!!

      Thank you.


  2. A little more permanent than ctrl/alt/delete.
    I’d like to do that to my laptop sometimes and I don’t have kids.


  3. I was a bit put off by the man destroying the laptop. I know that it had a certain effect and that’s fine. My only regret was that the computer couldn’t have been publicly given to an underprivileged kid that really could have appreciated it.

    But hey, what works, works.


    1. Awww, Deej – you old softie, you!


  4. My first thought upon reading this was, “Hey, she crafts insults like I do! I LIIIKE her!” Kudos on your excellent combination of high-quality vocabulary with scathing, scatological retorts! It was entertaining and on-point! I’m definitely going to follow your writing for the future. Again, kudos, I say!


  5. “He is not her friend. He is her parent. He has an obligation to teach her right from wrong. And until she goes to work and earns her own way, he has the absolute right to take away anything he has given her…”

    This was my favorite part! I agree 100%. I’m so tired of hearing people complain about this man. Instead, they should be taking lessons. I firmly believe if there were more parents like him around we’d have a better generation of people coming up. Heck, my parents raised me this way and I think I grew up quite nice.

    Lovely response.


  6. You should probably let everyone know what you really feel. You shouldn’t hold things in so much.


  7. So Nikki,
    Really? is all that harsh dialogue truly necessary? I am a parent of 2 my wife is a highschool teacher. I believe that Tommy Jordan is just an asshole! there was no reason for him to take it to that level. His griping about his daughter is also over the top. Every teenager I’m sure including yourself has gone through hating their parents. LIke this is shocking! No one at that age wants to do chores, teenagers all believe they are entitled and equal to adults. The fact that his anger totally outweighed his intended goal shows that this guy is just an angry jerk. He has even said recently that he wished he could put the jeanie back in the bottle because of all the media attention! Really what did he expect after he put his video on You Tube. He is actually shocked that he is now being hounded by media. Come on. The real problem here is the internet and reality tv where any putz can post something and become famous like Justin Beeber or the Situation from Jersey Shore. If I pulled down my pants and took a crap and filmed it and posted it on Youtube I would be famous. So really there were many ways this Jack Ass could have handled this situation, but once again it is proven to me that everyone from the South is a wannabee Cowboy toten a gun and screaming the 2nd Amendment. The only person who truly lost out was him by destroying a 3000 dollar laptop. When all he had to do was take it away and never give it back. Oh and if you think for a moment your kids won’t hate you during their life time than you truly are clueless.


    1. “it is proven to me that everyone from the South is a wannabee Cowboy toten a gun and screaming the 2nd Amendment”

      I knew a child abuser with the initials MG, therefore all people with the initials MG must be child abusers. Right?

      (No. That is narrow-minded and I’ll leave it to you to think that way.)

      And you say “Cowboy” like it is a bad thing. My guess is you’ve never known any, just saw them on the boob tube. I and a few of my friends would like to say F-YOU.


    2. “Really? is all that harsh dialogue truly necessary?” — Yes. It is.

      “I believe that Tommy Jordan is just an asshole! there was no reason for him to take it to that level.” — You’re entitled to your beliefs, and you may have handled it differently, but to call the man an asshole, because he took a proactive step to teach his daughter a lesson, diminishes anything you say beyond this.

      “His griping about his daughter is also over the top.” — So demanding that she be respectful in a public forum, realize that she is living under his roof and abide by his rules is over the top? I see.

      “Every teenager I’m sure including yourself has gone through hating their parents. LIke this is shocking! No one at that age wants to do chores, teenagers all believe they are entitled and equal to adults.” — Yeah, but I also didn’t bitch about them and disrespect them in a public forum. My teenagers don’t want to do their chores either, but they also realize that it is part of their responsibility, living in my house.

      “The fact that his anger totally outweighed his intended goal shows that this guy is just an angry jerk.” — Actually he did exactly what was appropriate. It’s his property, and he has the right to dispose of it as he sees fit. He made his point and got the attention of her and her friends, which is exactly what he intended to do.

      “He has even said recently that he wished he could put the jeanie back in the bottle because of all the media attention! Really what did he expect after he put his video on You Tube. He is actually shocked that he is now being hounded by media.” — the media is not the problem. The panty-pissing jagoffs who reported him to the authority for disposing of his property ON his property, and not even in the presence of his daughter are.

      “So really there were many ways this Jack Ass could have handled this situation, but once again it is proven to me that everyone from the South is a wannabee Cowboy toten a gun and screaming the 2nd Amendment.” — and this is where you have completely lost any credibility you may have had. It’s not about your Second Amendment rights, stupid. This is about your right to discipline your child – albeit in an unorthodox way. He wasn’t abusive. He was well within his right to do what he did. Again, he disposed of property that HE paid for in a way he saw fit on HIS property, and not even in the presence of his daughter. And for that, a bunch of drooling cowards reported him to the police?

      You obviously don’t understand the issue of rights, be they Second Amendment or otherwise, and you’re a bigoted asswart to boot.


    3. And by the way, be observant and respectful enough to spell my name correctly.


    4. MG, if you have kids they will probably end up as useless societal parasites like the occutard crowd. His daughter learned a lesson that will serve her well in the world to come: actions have consequences. Let her buy her own freaking computer and internet service and she can moan and groan about how she is oppressed all she wants.


    5. Fail #1-Nikki. Nicki*
      Fail #2-Justin Beeber. Bieber*
      Fail #3- “Oh and if you think for a moment your kids won’t hate you during their life time than you truly are clueless.” Her kids haven’t hated her and don’t plan on it. I’m sure your kids hate YOU.
      Fail #4-Your grammar, Moron.


    6. if my dad were alive when I was a teenager, he would’ve done the same damn thing. My step dad is the same way. My parents never allowed us to disrespect them whether it was public or in the privacy of our own home. They never spanked us and never got grounded but we respected them. I have never cussed at my parents and never will. I will NEVER disrespect them to this day and I am a young adult. I was taught good values and discipline and I will show my children the same. Because of the way we grew up, not only are my siblings and I very respectful to everyone around us, but we are extremely successful. We do not expect things to be handed to us. we all worked very hard to get where we are at and it’s all because of my parents. If you baby your kids, they will expect everything to be handed to them because they will never have to work for anything in their lives. I think tommy did an amazing job at showing his daughter her place. I think if there were more parents out there like him, crime rate would be WAY down (personal opinion not fact). Also I have never at any point in my life hated my parents. They gave me respect and I gave it back. Now that I’m an adult, my mom and I are best friends but she was not my friend when I was growing up. She’s not supposed to be, so take a lesson on this and maybe you should try this discipline thing on your own kids…they might learn a lesson or two


  8. You’re right on the money with this one.

    I saw the video you mentioned about 2 days after he posted it. I was one of the folks clapping my hands together saying Bra-Vo! to Tommy Jordan. I was so impressed that I showed it to my husband. I’m sure child services would have come to my house to deal with me for some of the creative ways I have used to get my point accross to my children.

    Their college friends were horrified and said I was abusive for putting them on a buddy line when they were fighting. (I tied their hands together with about a foot of rope between them. They did everything with their sib until they learned how to cooperate.) Now that they are adults, they don’t think it was abusive at all and both have said it’s a technique they’d use with their kids.

    If more parents took care of the attidude problems in their offspring, there would be more polite society. I’m sure the ones having a peoblem with it are the kind of folks who think you can reason with 2 year olds.

    I have to say, since I started following your blog, I have learned a whole new set of interesting vocabulary words. And I thought I’d heard and read just about everything. 😉 I look forward to your posts. (Even the ones I don’t agree with).


    1. Thank ya, ma’am! Agreement with every single post is definitely not required. It would be a boring life if it was! 🙂


  9. Nicki,
    I apologize for mispelling your name, and generalizing with the statement on the South. That was wrong. What annoys me about this whole ordeal is who was this really for? did his daughter truly learn from this? We have know idea. Infact this just seems like more fuel for the fire. In addition it just seems like entertainment for the masses. This wasn’t for her friends to see this was to humiliate her, which is fine if that is the road he wanted to take. But all in all this child will just hate her parents even more. I don’t understand how she is supposed to find respect for her Dad by his angry rampage on her computer for the world to see. This is no different than getting the crap beat out of you for doing something wrong. All it does is help the child fantasize about getting even. Again not sure how respect comes from humiliation, outrage,and fear. In regards to her speaking about her parents in a negative light in a public forum, that was exactly what I was talking about the internet being the problem. No internet no public forum. End of story.


  10. MG – apology accepted.

    If you read his statements, yes, his daughter DID learn from this, and actually asked him if he would do that to her cell phone as well. My own kids watched that video and said the guy was “cool as shit” for doing that. He didn’t humiliate her at all. He showed her that public forums work both ways. She didn’t view it that way. They apparently had a good talk and while she’s still grounded, she also has an understanding of why he did what he did. This wasn’t an angry rampage. I can’t see characterizing it that way. It was an extremely creative way to handle the problem.

    “For those that wondered, commented, criticized, and just in general wanted to know:
    My daughter came through it fine.

    Yes, she’s in trouble, and yes she’s grounded, but that doesn’t mean every moment of her life has to be miserable. She’s going to come to terms with the changes that will be present for a while; no TV privileges, no Internet, etc.

    In the meantime, once the initial anger passed,… she sat with me reviewing some of the comments that have come in via Facebook and YouTube. One person even suggested collecting the shell casings and auctioning them on eBay. I said I’d do it if it would help contribute to her college fund! When I told her about it, she thought a minute, got a funny calculating expression on her face and said, “in that case you should shoot my phone too. We can use more bullets and I’ll go half-sies with ya on it! It’s not like I’m going to need it any time soon. And I can use the money we get to buy a new one.”

    Read more:


  11. I hope is not too hash. I am like Hannah I pay my peranets to live their house. In addition, I work and not never have sex. I bought my own computer and pay for college, loans, the bus the trans. I only ask my pearents to taken to church because I can’t afford a taxi both ways and fair on the way home.
    He short his labtop which allow her to use. And? Whats the Big deal. He should also make her pay him for the computer because she load the gun, so to speak. I never let my pearnts buy Me anything for this reason. I rent my room, tv and DVD player. My dad was mad when he found out that I tried to kill myself, not because just he loves, but the money he send on me over the years, my death mean bad invrestment. Unlit you are out-of the house not in jail- old years you belong to your parents.
    If they want to love you, ok. Love is not free. Pearents should chage for their love. Mine do. Price is obeying them. If you are not respectful or obayIng their rules, you have no right their love.
    If they spoiler you that not love. I have been beating when six months-7 yr. The last time u disrespected my mother she put a knife to my throat.
    good parenting requires you kid to want to die rather than not be perfect.
    Mr. Jordan did want he out of love. Yes he was mad rightfully so, but he loved her enough to show her to you do this to your parents this way. I wonder how much she is gonna pays in rent to her father for honor of living in his home because if he did not love her, she would been on the other of the .95 not the laptop. If he did not love her, he could have let her KEEP the computer, and drop her of at a home for the homeless .
    As a child you only have the right not to be rape or kill . That all, and if you are disabled you may not get those…
    I’m not for child abuse


  12. Woo-hoo! That’s handing them their asses, Nicki. Personally, I approve of the father’s righteous anger, and applaud the blasting of the laptop. No whining about when she will get it back, now. It’s jolly well gone. Period.


  13. Interesting approach to discipline, though it looks like that girl’s definately learned her lesson.

    Having grown up in a jungle in the literal middle of nowhere, however, I wince at the damage to the laptop.

    That said, while I’ve had some bad dustups with my parents, I would never have thought of putting it up on Facebook. Family laundry shouldn’t be aired in public… then again, most kids seem to do this because they don’t have any outlet. I’d go and complain to our dogs. :p


    1. Funny you say that. This is exactly what I tell my children as well, and they’ve been pretty good at keeping dirty family laundry away from Facebook. I say “Lesson learned.”



  14. So what happened? The girl vented on her facebook some of her feelings. Not the best place, a private diary would be more appropriate, but allas.

    Hillibilly-Dad found that posting (not meant for him to read) and was totally shocked that his little princess no longer thought of him as a hero. Buhu.
    So he decided to punish her but that wasn’t enough to him so he decided to tape the punishment and upload it on youtube where it got viral by chance (By chance? not really.)

    What was his goal? To show his daughter that things you post on facebook can haunt you in the future and can even influence your future job chances. Fair.

    What he DID was exposing his daughter quoting the letter she posted on facebook along with her full name and location on youtube in a viral video that will stay on the internet FOREVER. Her facebook was limited to 450 “friends”, his youtube video has currently 24 million views still counting. GOOD JOB!

    And instead of removing the video as soon as he realized it went viral to protect his daughter, he monetized it. Every new viewer now brings him 1/3 to 1 cent.

    Oh, why I think the video didn’t get viral by chance? Mostly because of this:

    Sorry that I didn’t use that much profanity as you would have expected but I would have to look them up and inserting afterwards… too much hassle.


    1. Hillbilly. Nice, you bigoted fuck.

      And great job missing the ENTIRE point of the post.

      You’re 0 for 2.


    2. I believe the guy with the pipe BECAUSE he has a PIPE!!1!

      (Get. To. The. Point. Nevermind, all you have is unsupported speculation.)


  15. And people wonder why Asian kids are taking over this country and will be the ones who run it very soon. I find it ironic that ppl praise Tommy Jordan for his approach (as do I) but seem to ignore the fact that if he were a good parent in the first place, his daughter wouldn’t have ever DONE that and posted that on facebook. And i’m not sure if this guy is a former marine or not, thats a rather nebulous thing that he hasnt clarified either really.


    1. I have to partially disagree with that. Kids do have minds of their own, and they learn from their mistakes just like anyone else. Also, sometimes the best parents in the world have fuckups for kids. It happens. My parents were amazing! They never had any problems with me. I was given room to grow and make mistakes, but at the same time, they were strict when I fucked up. I grew up pretty well, I think. My brother grew up a fucked up drug user who died at the age of 46 from complications. It happens. The biggest thing is to teach them a lesson when they do fuck up, and I think he achieved that.


  16. No, nicki, *you* are what’s wrong with the world. I am a festering pustule on the ass of life. Did we learn nothing from Rebecca Black’s song Friday? I like little girls like Rebecca Black. She gets me hot.

    Please kill yourself. You are a worthless person who will never contribute to society. Since since small children turn me on, I need to take myself out of the gene pool at once.


    1. Classy, dicknozzle. Classy. Coward. Come back when you grow a set of testicles, cockmunch.


  17. Its not the shooting that bothered me, but the public humiliation of his daughter that continues on his facebook page.


    1. I took a look at his page. I don’t see anything humiliating to his daughter going on there. From what he’s written, it certainly doesn’t sound like she’s taking this badly, and if I remember correctly, she did get a job offer out of this. Who knows?


  18. There were posts earlier on, where people were ripping into daughter and he kinda left them up there. Your gonna have to go through a lot of posts though, a lot of his posts has over 500 comments.


  19. Hey Nicki,

    Someone mentions your site in the comments section on YouTube. She completely missed that it was your blog, and thought it was a rant from Tommy.

    ****Enter in google “An open letter to those have a problem with Tommy” you will see a vulgar post from him.
    Pattty3 4 days ago

    Hello Pattty3, Thanks for bringing to attention that “open letter” site. I looked it over two days ago. Sadly, it is an eg of more hate&unhappiness & is destructive. For those who are going to go&read that site, be sure to prepare your mind by first meditating or praying. Many people, such as yourself Patty3, may appreciate knowing or remembering the story of “The Two Wolves Within”. There are several YouTube videos about this story. Here is one of the examples of this story w1nbU8GbTgk . 
    HealthyPlanet 3 days ago

    @Pattty3 That letter wasn’t written by him, it was written by the author of the blog in question.
    Argentium009 3 days ago****

    Shows how much people don’t pay attention! Talk to you later!



  20. Here’s one more:

    ****Lol Any times Jordan open his mouse dirt comes out. You guys have to the read The Liberty a site for blogs. Something that we are all soiled our diapers, and we are a bunch of cowards etc etc. He is the one brought attention from the media to himself.
    Pattty3 4 days ago

    @Pattty3 Got a link?
    darkqiviut 4 days ago

    @Pattty3  That is absolutely true……
    LALABAI1 3 days ago

    @Pattty3 I mean about the attention to himself part. I don’t know about the blog.
    LALABAI1 3 days ago****

    This is too damn funny!!!


    1. Oh, that’s too funny! Not like my photo isn’t on the home page or anything! LMAO!!!! That’s hilarious! So not only are they panty-shitters, they’re stupid as well! YESSSSS!!! WINNING!!


  21. You can’t comprehend that maybe there’s some sort of middle ground.


    1. You think calling the cops and getting the state involved because you disagree with someone’s parenting methods is “middle ground?” Gee. What’s extreme, then?


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