So, ACU, how are Cardenas and Malagisi workin’ out for you?

Did you notice how empty and lifeless CPAC 2012 was compared to the last few years? You gave free admission to hundreds of bloggers to boost attendance, and got back such esteemed pillars of the conservative movement as Brent “Blowhard” Bozell, Tony Perkins and those perpetually “Concerned” Women for America. You bowed down before the social conservatives, the neoconservatives and just about every element of the Douchebag Conservative coalition. You checked all the boxes. Kevin McCullough was doing the happy dance as he got on the plane to DC. You were ready to show that the modern conservative movement doesn’t need paleoconservatives, libertarians, or anyone even tangentially associated with them. I only noticed two exhibitors who could fall under those classifications: The Competitive Enterprise Institute and the American Conservative. And Rand Paul was invited fairly last-minute as a fig leaf, as was his dad, who declined, preferring to campaign. Other than Palin, Breitbart and perhaps Marco Rubio, Rand was the only speaker I had any interest in hearing.

Didn’t work, did it? The conference was a dead as I have ever seen it… it just looked… OLD. As a conservative friend of mine from the Sunshine State put it, “Nothing, but nothing, good comes out of the Republican Party of Florida.” Cardenas, the hack who used to run it, has borne that out with his behavior as chair of ACU. As for Chris Malagisi, who is practically the avatar of Douchebag Conservatism, I’m personally hoping he gets canned as director of CPAC, especially after he was practically rubbing his slimy little hands together over the exclusion of liberty Republicans. The guy takes every single opportunity to disparage traditional conservatives, as we “paleoconservatives” prefer to be called, and libertarians, that he’s able to in the media.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer couple of guys. This should serve as a rebuke to the hidebound members of the ACU board who voted to support this move, which began with the famous “uninvitation” of GOProud and the John Birch Society, shortly after Cardenas and Malagisi were brought in. Your brand of politics is old. It’s dying, and it has its genesis in collectivist principles and ideas. Liberty and free markets DO breed free people. We don’t need clowns like Santorum moralizing and bringing Big Government into our bedrooms and our hospitals. I think Santorum’s candidacy may hopefully be the last gasp of the social “conservatives” as a leading constituency in our party. Real conservatives understand that trying to enforce any sort of social mores through government is counter to our first principles, and is ultimately counterproductive. Props to Fox News’ Bernie Goldberg and Margaret Hoover for helping stand up to these people.

You have two choices, ACU. Embrace the growing liberty movement in the Republican party, and help us return the party to the true conservative principles of Robert Taft and Barry Goldwater, or be left behind to waste away in utter irrelevance. Your call. Firing Malagisi tomorrow would be a good start… Just sayin’!

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  1. There’s only one thing these tools are good at – alienating allies who don’t fall into lockstep with the bigger, stronger government portion of their agenda. They’re not for smaller government, but rather for a different type of government encroachment on individual liberty. See: Rick Santorum. Pathetic.


  2. Mittens put on his facebook page that he was happy to have won the CPAC straw ballot. Of course, I had to reply, “Does that mean you’ll be turning into a conservative?”

    I don’t expect a response.


    1. Hmmmmm…. I wouldn’t either, but it was a valiant attempt!


  3. virginiaconservative

    I wrote about the “misguided Malagisi” back in mid 2011.

    Unfortunately, as you point out, he seems to continue to rise in Republican/conservative circles spreading his brand of anti-liberty Republicanism. If he got his way, would their be a dime’s worth of difference between his preferred candidates and moderate Democrats? No wonder the country is headed in the wrong direction, eh?


    1. Josh,

      Yes, you and I were on the same page as far as Malagisi’s anti-liberty hit piece back then, although you were far more polite than I was on NVC! (Link tot that post is above in this post.) And it really is amazing how this guy keeps climbing the ladder. He’s obviously very slick and hyperambitious, but when it comes to the actual substance of his arguments, he’s wrong, both in the historical sense and in the ideological sense, about the true nature of conservatism. I’d crush him in a direct debate. Yet, there he is, running CPAC and hiss YCC front group.


  4. What douchebag was douchey enough to write this tripe and not sign his/her name?

    Douchey Douchebag….


    1. What douchebag doesn’t read closely enough to see the name of the author right below the title? Oh yeah! You, cocknozzle.


    2. I did. And who are you? Bring it.


      1. You really expect this drooling dimwit to reply?


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