Want to stir the pot? You got it. (with several updates)

So I’m surfing Facebook, and I come across this particular blog post shared by my friend Jaime, fellow gun chick, Army officer, and all around coolest female.  She directs me to this blog post – written by the wife of an active duty Soldier.

Now, normally I have nothing but respect for military spouses.

They’re the ones waiting at home, scared to death that their significant other may not make it home from yet another deployment.

They’re the ones running the house, paying the bills, taking care of the kids, making repairs, and keeping it together while many times holding out a full-time job or two.

They’re the ones who send the care packages, organize get-togethers for other spouses and keep the home fires burning.

They’re proud of what their spouse has chosen to do, and they are heroes for the support and love they offer the service member.

This one? Not so much.

Apparently, it upsets the little spoiled Princess that the wives of National Guard members in Vermont have the unmitigated gall to call themselves Army wives. Apparently, they just don’t measure up, you see!

The Vermont National Guard is just that, they are State Militia. The Hubs is a federal soldier. The National Guard spouses around here like to refer to themselves as ‘Army Wives’. They aren’t. I respect their significant others for the things that they do, but they are not, by any stretch of the imagination, soldiers. That being said, the Hubs is not a Marine, he is not a Sailor, he is not an Airman. He is a Soldier. A dog is not a cat, it’ll never meow.

When you try to explain this to a Guard spouse, they get defensive, and often times throw a huge fit.

My husband is a soldier, he got deployed, just like yours!

I agree, your husband got deployed just like mine, but when he came home, he got to go back to a normal civilian life. When my husband got home, he still had to put on his ACUs and go to work, as a soldier.

I agree, your husband got deployed, just like mine, but when he came home, he knew he wouldn’t get deployed again for at least another four years, in which time he probably wouldn’t have re-upped his contract. When my husband got home, he knew he could turn around and get deployed again. Period.

My husband is a soldier, he has to go to drill!

Yup. One weekend a month, two weeks a year.

Now, having spent four years as an active duty Soldier, and four years in the Virginia Army National Guard, I must take issue with Precious Cupcake and her petty arrogance.

Just who the bleeding, snorkeling fuck does she think she is?

We all wear the same Army uniform. The patches might vary, but we all still serve. We go to the same Basic Combat Training course and the same Advanced Individual Training. True, some of us go back to regular lives and jobs after training, but to denigrate that as something less than a Soldier?

Oh, I don’t fucking think so!

On active duty I worked a regular job – in uniform, but still.  I worked my 8.5 hours, I got four-day holiday weekends, I went home at the end of the day, put on civvies and lived my life.  Yes, I am proud of my service.  I was a Soldier then, and I remained a Soldier when I entered the Guard.

I deployed more with the Guard than I did with active Army. There was no four-year break. I had nine months between being sent to New Orleans post-Katrina (with two days’ notice, by the way) and my year-long deployment with KFOR-8.  And if you somehow think the New Orleans deployment was a picnic, you try dealing with a panicked, upset populace, securing evacuation sites that contain sex offenders, gang-bangers, the mentally ill, and small children, who not only lost homes, but their parents. And try sleeping in your Humvee in 105 degree heat, mold from the hurricane, bloated corpses in the streets, fetid carcasses of dead animals and remnants of broken lives.

But I digress…

Four year break between deployments, my aching ass!

One weekend a month? Really? Sometimes it’s a four-day weekend. Sometimes it’s a three-day weekend. Guardsmen miss work, and lose money when they do, because they don’t get active duty pay even for extended drills, no housing allowance, no cost of living allowance, nothing.

Guardsmen do more with less every day. We learn to do with what we have. Many times our equipment is substandard, and we bring our own just so we can complete our mission.  Yeah, I’ve done that – without complaint or reservation.  Mission comes first. Always.

Oh, and by the way, when “Hubs” comes back from deployment, he has a steady, secure job. Many Guardsmen (despite existing regulations to ensure they always come home to employment) lose their positions.  No regulation specifies they have to return to the SAME job.

And by the way, some of the most competent, experienced, combat-tested Soldiers I have met have been National Guard.   In 2008, President Bush awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously to its 121st National Guard recipient. But I guess those men weren’t Soldiers either.

That “State Militia” fought and won the Revolutionary War. But I guess they weren’t Soldiers.

That “State Militia” stormed the beaches of Normandy – Why don’t you look up the 29th Infantry Division’s history sometime, Cupcake, before you spew your ignorance?

Why don’t you look up how many National Guard members died in Vietnam.  How many lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan? How many came home maimed? And you have the unmitigated gall to impugn them while posting photos of your pregnant ass wearing the uniform you couldn’t possibly hope to merit and defiling it with pretty pink bows, you pustulent twunt?

These men and women leave jobs, families, homes and, in some cases, healthy salaries to serve their nation. They aren’t Soldiers?

And by the way, you blibbering jabbertwat – Soldier is capitalized for a reason. One that you probably couldn’t hope to comprehend.

And as far as “Hubs” is concerned, I’ll quote The Sniper here.  “…if her husband didn’t get any PTSD while deployed it means he went to Kuwait and did his tours from the PX or he was a fuggin REMF.”

This pathetic dependapotamus isn’t fit to wipe the asses of the courageous men and women of the National Guard. While the pregnasaurus sits around and disparages their service, they bleed and die in Afghanistan. While she disrespects the uniform by wearing it as a cutesy maternity prop, they wear it as a badge of honor and commitment to their state and their country.  While she whines about how Guardsmen shouldn’t pose as real Soldiers, and “Hubs” plays used car salesman to potential recruits, thousands of National Guard members are defending her freedom to be an oozing wart.

Her pathetic little rant is a spit in the face of every man and woman who sacrificed everything to serve.

And the comments by “Hubs” defending her disrespect of the uniform and her right to spew ignorance show him to be no better than she is.

So on behalf of every National Guard Soldier who has made that sacrifice, here’s a hearty FUCK YOU to both of them.

A BIT OF UPDATINESS: She’s removed every single comment (all of them happened to be negative) from her site. After spewing about her right to denigrate others on her blog, she apparently doesn’t feel her words should have consequences. She’s a pathetic little coward too.


So someone (not me) contacted the Vermont recruiting command where “Hubs” works, and apparently corrective action has been taken. From the recruiting command’s Facebook page:

In response to your concern, I would truly like to say this is not the command climate that we pursue nor agree with. We respect and honor all military personnel with whom we serve that has stood and swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We are all brothers and sisters in arms. We believe that all are equal and all share the burden of defending the freedoms of the citizens of this country. The families of the defenders of freedom serve and sacrifice their lives in some ways more than those of us who wear the uniform.

In response to this blog and this Soldier. You are correct about wives not being under the prevue of the command. I assure you that the Soldier in question is. There has been a face to face counseling session with this Soldier as to the responsibilities of the freedoms and rights that our Constitution has so given to this Nation.

We apologize for the actions that one person has brought it up on himself, and we want to ensure you that this is NOT the actions or the climate of this command.


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  1. You are my hero for many reasons: you’re commitment to being a Soldier, this country, and calling out twats like the one you call Cupcake. You have successfully written out every emotion that I have had the last two days. Thank you. I’m a very proud Army National Guardsman’s wife, whose husband has been deployed for the last year. One week a month, two weeks a year? Bull-fucking-shit. As I’ve told people before, we’ve been married just over two years, and less than five months of that we’ve actually lived together, between training and deployment. I understand that not everyone understands the Guard, hell, I didn’t really until I had a friend sign up, and then I married my Soldier. But fucking get your facts straight before you rant about it ALL OVER THE INTERNET.


    1. AMEN! And thank you.


  2. I’m late to this party. Good thing. I’d like to see “Cupcake” in a Guardsman uniform in a war zone saying she’s not a soldier. Pfft.

    Let’s hope she learns to keep her mouth shut.


    1. Oh, you’d NEVER see that. But what you did see (and what is now gone) is this little hypocritical sow wearing her husband’s uniform, exposing her pregnant stomach, with a pink sash at the waste, “adding some color,” while at the same time snottily “advising” Guard wives that it’s disrespectful to put on their husbands’ uniform to look cute and sexy in it. And the husband defending this shit! The blog is now gone, but Blackfive has a screenshot of the husband’s comment, saying how sexy she looks.

      And I bet they wonder why there’s a shitstorm.


  3. “twunt”?

    Absolutely brilliant.

    On the one hand, it’s not appropriate for Service Members to be hassled for the blog posting of their civilian family members (First Amendment anyone?).

    On the other hand, he also participated in his spouse’s inane nattering.


    1. Exactly right. He went on to defend her ignorance. In a public forum. Sorry dude, that’s a no-go. He had an obligation to reflect positively on his command, and he was a FAIL.


  4. Well done Nicki. I was simply fuming when I read the blog of this spoiled little brat. I tries to post a reply to her ridiculous opinion but the little coward had blocked all reply’s to the blog. I then had thoughts towards forwarding the blog on the VT Recruiting Centers FB Page but had figured they probably already know and there was no sense in tarnishing their page with that filth.

    The more disturbing fast is that they have only been married for 7 months, and all of a sudden she felt she has the right to place herself on the high and mighty pedestal. I tell you she has some stones for thinking she was justified. I don’t believe there has been enough time for her to endure the hardships of a deployment; much less had the time to learn anything about the military. Her uneducated ranting was proof of that fact.

    I have been in the Guard for 23 years, been through 2 deployments, not including the numerous state emergency activations and my wife of 16 years would never even consider vomiting that kind of garbage.

    I hope she is proud of herself for displaying her ignorance while simultaneously affecting her “Hubs” career.

    “Stupid is as stupid does.” Forest Gump


    1. Thanks for your service, Ed. Some people just don’t know when to keep their booger hooks off the keyboard.


  5. I’m not US military, but I just finished up two years with the Israeli Air Force. As such I’m not really a part of the army culture back in the ‘States, and I saw the original blog, and this follow-up, only because I’m friends with a American military guy on Facebook. But I did serve two years in the armed forces.

    Let me specify: I *volunteered for* two years in the armed forces. Did I have possibly the cushiest job I could have ended up with? Yeah, but I was still a volunteer, by virtue of choosing to immigrate here. In Israel that’s a rarity. In the US, having a completely volunteer armed forces, everyone’s a volunteer, so it can get lost precisely how amazing that is.

    So for the benefit of whatever American servicemen and women read this: What you have done is amazing, and how dare anybody even *think* of valuing one volunteer more or less than another. Every body, every role, every man-hour is essential to the proper functioning of the national defense, and it is a miracle that enough people choose to freely give whatever portion of their lives that they choose to give in order to keep the country stable.

    Secondarily, to the writer of this blogpost: thank you for the phrase “pustulant twunt.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome!


  6. This woman is a complete and utter dumb “c u next tuesday”. I served in the regular army many years ago. At that time the Guard was somewhere for rich men’s sons or politicians sons to avoid the draft and combat. A lot of these pussies are now politicians and since they don’t dare reinstate the draft, they’re not about to let anyone get away with the bullshit they pulled so the Guard units are deployed as much or more than regular Army units. I have a daughter, a son and two sons-in-law serving in the National Guard and I couldn’t be any prouder of them if they were regular Army. They are soldiers as all members of the Guard or Reserves are. When the shooting starts they’re there. I think the next time this woman opens here mouth to say something stupid her husband should stick something in her mouth.


    1. I dare not ask what that “something” should be. The guy showed himself almost as ignorant as she is. Pathetic pair.


  7. You are truly a woman of my heart! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Although her blog caused so much distress to many, it only reminds me of the vow I made to my country. It is her constitutional right to speak her mind no matter how arrogant she might sound. We fight to protect every person whether they appreciate it or not. It is unfortunate that so many don’t have a clue about the sacrifices you mentioned or simply do not care. Im sure I speak for many when I thank you for this post and the other person who reported the “blibbering jabbertwat”.


    1. I’m grateful this has been resolved. I’m not a big fan of any kind of “snitchery,” and she does have the right to spew her ignorant vomit, but her husband had the obligation to be a good example of his command. Even if he agreed with her, he should have kept his stupid yap shut. He discredited himself and the Recruiting Command in Burlington. Damn shame.


  8. I am proud to say, my son is with the VT Army National Guard. He went to Basic Training at Ft Leonard Wood Missouri,, same training as them(sic) Army Soldier types. Hubs has her sold on his schpeil (sic). At least they are made for each other.


  9. Nicki where to begin….

    If I may be blunt…Nicki you are fugging AWESOME!!! I do so love the words you have added to my already vast dictionary of insults. Furthermore I do so love your takedown and subsequent thrashing of this pustulant twunt even if it was merely via this blog and not a real life beat down which I would have paid good money to watch on PPV. 🙂

    Some background so the other readers know from whence I speak. I am a former AD Army Infantryman and currently serve in the MN National Guard. I’m no longer an Infantryman thanks to my deployment injury. My ARNG unit is a dual mission unit with it’s primary mission being a Chemical Recon/Decon unit and whatever state missions come along and the other mission being CERF. There is nothing like starting a job and on that very first day you receive a call to assist with the local PD to deal with flooding in the town where your Armory is located or to travel to Fargo ND to help with the flood battle from the Red River. Been There Done That. I’m a career military member and I have seen more and done more as a Guardsman than anything I saw while on AD.

    That little c u next tuesday (thank you Michael Keim) of a s##nk best thank whatever God she believes in that I don’t live in VT cause I would kick her self important ass across the border into Canada followed by her husband.

    The Caveman is going to pack up his club now and go back to my cave. Have a nice day and again Nicki awesome fracking job. 🙂


    1. Good to know you’re out there, and you’re very welcome!


  10. Well written! Not to mention I’ve learned some good phrases…THANK YOU!!!


    MN Army National Guard Mom…and darn proud of my Soldier!


  11. So many things I want to say about this – and I can say a lot, but I know to keep my mouth mostly shut (because I am a military wife, even if it is not real, because my husband is AGR).

    She probably does not know what AGR is. My husband deployed a month after we married, but apparently that was not a real deployment in her eyes. In my house, we make a distinction between deployment types, not types of military – we are not EOD, we are not special forces or infantry, or a myriad other MOS who have a higher rate of morbidity or mortality – but we only do this because some MOS have more danger involved in them than others (although anything can happen to anyone at anytime), not because we choose to think in terms of whether someone is in fact a “real soldier.” We talk about it in a way that brings worry or relief for certain friends who change their MOS regardless of their status.

    I have not had the luxury of a FRG. I do not have the luxury of a base nearby, or several medical providers that take Tricare Prime Remote. I don’t have childcare or a community that understands the worry. I don’t have family in this area. All this is our choice (or at least my husband’s choice, and my choice to make him my husband). We are no less a military family than other families; and some days and some things are better for us than other military families, and some days and some things are worse for us. I do have the luxury of a couple of other people across my personal and professional life who are in the same boat – and usually only one spouse is deployed at a time – we know how lonely it can get for each other.

    I have had to learn the rules as I went. I asked for a copy of the UCMJ just so I could know what is a rule in the military, and I am always asking about rules on the base (no walking and cell phone use? No headphones when running? – I guess that time that I took a call while running while pregnant probably broke several rules).

    And as an aside, I also don’t put on makeup for the Shirt (and I married him). I definitely don’t call him “sir” (or “ma’am”). I also don’t touch his BDUs/ABUs/or dress blues, unless I am putting them in the wash, or dropping them or picking them up from the dry-cleaners. I doubt that “real” military wives think differently about this.


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