Super Bowl anti-gun assclownery

So apparently, the virulently anti-freedom coalition of retards known as Mayors Against Illegal Guns Fundamental Rights has bought itself a Super Bowl ad, starring two guys who look like dull-witted toads on a log.

That’s right. Menino, who resembles a slow child whose mommy dressed him for an outing at Red Lobster (I think you can even see a little thread of drool dribbling from his maw) and Bloomberg, who looks like he’s been goosed by a hot pair of salad tongs are teaming up to foster hoplophobia and hatred for our Second Amendment rights.

In it, these two tyrannical douchebags claim they both support the Second Amendment, but must do more to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

I wonder… does that include NOT hiring thugs to make straw purchases in other states?

3 responses

  1. A matched set of douchebags if there ever was one.


    1. Which is very different than a matched set of funbags, which are much more fun, I’m told. :p


  2. Has either mayor renounced their personal at-taxpayer-expense armed security yet? No? Then F#%* both those hose-beast ass-clown cactus-rapers.


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