WTF??? Seriously???

What in blue hell is this?

It’s what the guys over at This Ain’t Hell call a Soup Sandwich.

It’s what I call… HOLY FRACKIN’ SHI’ITE!!!!

Those of you in the military, see how many uniform violations you can spot.

Please refrain from commenting on the chick’s rack and focus on the CIB on the wrong side, and the Ranger tab on the right pocket, and…

Holy hell! Where do you start with this?

Apparently, this Tillson guy didn’t like being outed by the guys at TAH, so he sent someone the following:

I resent the fact you call me a fony soldier. Please check the latest regulation an where I purchases my clothing, by sending in a copy of my DD214′S WITH RIBBONS AUTHORIZED. I EXPECT A FULL APOLOGY THANKYOU

And I expect someone who is apparently a senior NCO (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) to actually be literate. I guess my expectations are kind of high.

I kind of feel sorry for his bride, though. It’s bad enough she married a phony (or a FONY, as this fuck-up put it)… it’s bad enough she married someone who looks like Grandpa Munster’s retarded half cousin… But now he’s been outed, and maybe she’s beginning to realize she needs to run.

Run fast.

Run far.


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  1. I’m a 4-star major in the Coast Narmy (that is the super-secret unit of Coast Guard, Navy, and Army) and I object to your vilification of my leader. Never mind the fact that I made my own uniform from surplus and a box of colorful Legos, this guy is a heeeero.


    1. ROFL!!!!!!! I just did a spit take!!!!!!


  2. Christmas sale at the uniform shop again?

    When we did JOB/Uniform Inspections in the Corps the inspecting officer always had a copy of your awards/decorations page from your service record and God help your sorry ass if it didn’t match what you were wearing.


  3. Belt? Sword? Never seen one like that


  4. Jack William Finley

    …Oh my god I …where do you even start it’s like one of those really bad plastic Halloween costumes they sell to little kids. I need to send this to Mike he’ll blow a gasket. I can’t tell if it’s mostly funny, or sad or annoying…what a goof.


  5. He must be General Ballduster McSoulpatch’s father.


    1. Mike, that’s Soup, v.2.0!


  6. All kidding aside, this offends me.

    I’ve held the hands of legitimate Marines after they had arms, legs, and testicles blown off their body by an IED.

    I’ve watched Army Rangers get blown up and come home in bags.

    I put what was left of a 160th SOAR flight engineer in a hole in Columbus, OH.

    And I’ve seen some people unable to walk or talk without jerking from PTSD they got from Vietnam, Gulf War I, or GWOT.

    If this guy is the phony many think he is, he goes to jail. That is the only fair thing.

    Otherwise he will be visited by some folks..,and I don’t mean the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, or Future. (NB: Not a threat from me – I’m non-violent. New Jersey has a few folks that are notorious for street justice.)



  7. In basic, we had some assclown who, on the eve of our first pass, showed up with his khaki uniform (yes, I’m THAT old) sporting an amazing collection of ribbons. In astonishment, one of our group asked him where he got them.
    “At the clothing store, chump.”
    “But you aren’t authorized to wear them…”
    “No, but I’m a sharp-looking motherfucker, ain’t I?”
    At the time, it was funny. This is simply pathetic.


  8. The pic is sort of blurry, but it seems he qualified expert on rifle, mortar and (I can’t read the last one well enough) — “prickhead”, perhaps. Also, I’m not sure of the proper order of those National Guard ribbons, but isn’t the New Jersey National Guard Nose Picking Achievement Medal lower on the precedence list than the Meritorious NJ National Guard Assclown Medal?


  9. You know…I almost didn’t look. Like that moment right before something really bad happens. Some of those ribbons he’s wearing I earned.. and I wear them. Pathetic! Not only that, the uniform doesn’t even fit right. Like to peg his scrawny butt to a wall and strip it off of him. Then he’d look like the yard bird he is.


  10. Someone needs to tell him his jrotc ribbons dont go on his uniform. Lol


  11. Couldn’t get past the rack.


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