Wut iz our childrunz larnin?

In a world where kids are apparently taught erroneous information about the concept of freedom and government, where school administrators try to prevent children from displaying the American flag for fear it will offend some illegal alien scum, where eco zealotry replaces real science, where schools attempt to suspend little kids for playing with Legos that happen to have a toy firearm and where education has gotten so watered down, that teachers are afraid to fail students for fear of hurting their little feelings, but would rather award them an “H,” one would think that an actress reading to a group of 1st graders would be welcomed.

Not so much.

We have parents in this country who refuse to even take a look at what their kids are learning at school, who demand that evolution be treated by schools as a “theory,” and creationism as “science,” and who demand that their Precious Punkins not be emotionally scarred by a failing grade, but who are enough familiar with the porn world that they complain about a former porn actress promoting reading to children.

Earlier Friday, news broke that  a Los Angeles area elementary school is facing some major criticism from parents after the district invited [Sasha] Grey to read to a group of first graders as part of the Read Across America program.

Until I read this story, I had no idea who Sasha Grey was, but apparently, she’s a “porn legend,” according to TMZ.

OK, whatever. She’s also quit the industry and transitioned to mainstream acting. Big deal.

Apparently it is to these parents, who are all bent out of shape that a girl who won the “2010 AVN award for best anal sex scene — was invited to read books to 1st graders at an L.A.-area elementary school last week.”

I have a question:  Did the school reveal to the tykes that Ms. Grey took it up the ass for adult entertainment? Did they identify her as a porn star? Would the 1st graders even know what porn is, or whether Ms. Grey was the one in the clip daddy was watching on his office computer?

Probably not.

What they did was invite a very pretty girl who (aside from having done porn) has also appeared in mainstream roles to read to a bunch of little kids – to promote literacy, which is something this nation desperately needs, judging by what kind of barely coherent assholes graduate publik skools these days.

Notice, she didn’t bring her dildo collection, her porn industry award or DVDs of her previous work.  As a matter of fact, what I see here is a pretty wholesome-looking girl enjoying some reading time with little kids.

How many Hollyweird stars take the time to do that?

And yet, parents, who apparently know who Sasha Grey is, have decided it’s wholly inappropriate to have her come read to their children.

To Ms. Grey’s credit, she refuses to back down and wants to continue to be a positive influence on children.

“I am an actor. I am an artist. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a partner. I have a past that some people may not agree with, but it does not define who I am.

“I believe in the future of our children, and I will remain an active supporter and participant in education-focused initiatives.”

And what I find even more appalling is that the school refuses to acknowledge that she was even there, despite photos obtained by TMZ such as the one above.


What I see is a young woman determined to turn her future around while helping others.

What these parents see is a porn star trying to corrupt their children.

What the school administrators see is a potential lawsuit from said clueless parents.

There’s only one player in this drama that I think has any character or integrity, and that’s the chick who got an award for taking it up the ass.

Go figure.


4 responses

  1. She forgot to read to them in Spanish. And read about how boys having sex with boys is okay, even if the other boy is older than daddy.

    It’s LA: “Lost to America.”


  2. I applaud her.

    I’ve seen her…perform. And if she has a thing for fat old dudes like me, she would probably be seriously fun to boink. (My wife would kill me though.)

    I’ve also watched her in a clothes-on role. She is bright, funny, and engaging. I could have a beer with her and have a great time – clothing on.

    I would have an issue with anyone reading to kids if they do anything inappropriate to kids. But what she does as an adult is her adult business. If she helps children in a positive way (reading) then she does a hell of a lot more than the TV industry does.

    (Great blog, BTW. May I add a link to your blog from mine?)


    1. Thank you so much. Please do link to this blog, and I will reciprocate when I get home today. 🙂

      She seems like a very down-to-earth young woman, charming and cool. I’d rather have her reading to kids than Sandusky.


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