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Overly-litigious asshole strikes again

Not news: a lawyer is suing someone

Douchebaggery: Lawyer is suing university for violating the “human rights” of Muslims for refusing to sponsor a Muslim Students Association and for not providing a prayer room for Muslims that doesn’t have the cross of Jesus hanging around.

Absolute brain-eating insanity: It’s Catholic University; it already has an Arab American Association; not a single Muslim student has come forward to complain.

Asshattery bound to make you have froth-inducing seizures: According to a CUA student, CAIR thinks this lawsuit is bullshit.

As a CUA student, I feel compelled to again point out that none of our Muslim students are behind this complaint. A spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations just stated that they do not support it.

And apparently the Muslims at the school are perfectly satisfied with their treatment there.

The university, whose Arab student population swelled from 56 in 2007 to 122 this year, sponsors an Arab American Association, founded this fall by Muslim student Wiaam Al Salmi.

“The community here is very respectful of other religions and I feel free to openly practice it,” Salmi told the CUA student newspaper, The Tower.

FAIL beyond all comprehension: The waste of human skin professor filing the suit is not filing on behalf of anyone, and doesn’t even teach at the school.

He’s filed suits against McDonalds, because fatasses are apparently too stupid to know what they’re getting in those restaurants, and are easily swayed by advertising, against the tobacco industry, and he’s also suing CUA, because apparently somehow, the elimination of-coed dorms is a human rights violation of women. Apparently the right to hook up indiscriminately is now considered a “human right.”

In other words, the guy is a complete douchebag who has learned how to use the court system to eliminate freedoms, and he’s out for attention, which he’s ostensibly receiving by the truckload, even though most of it is negative.

Nonetheless, he’s filing the suit and claiming “human rights” violations.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult somewhere on the campus for the university to set aside a small room where Muslims can pray without having to stare up and be looked down upon by a cross of Jesus,” Banzhaf told Fox News.

It’s a private university.

The Muslim students know that means there will be (OH NOEZ!!!) crosses and Jesus symbology.

Nothing is stopping them from worshiping, and none of them appear to be offended by said Jesus symbols, as demonstrated by the fact that not a single Muslim student at CUA has complained, and the attention whore is filing the lawsuit on behalf of no one in particular. He admitted as much (albeit unwillingly – when asked how many students he represented or how many have actually come to him seeking this lawsuit, he claimed attorney/client privilege, even though  no one asked him for names, but simply a reply about whether or not any of the Muslim students in question came up to him and hired him) on the air this morning when he did an interview with WMAL.

This is not a Muslim attack on Christianity, folks.  This is a lawyer attack on private property rights.

One of these days a sane court will toss John Banzhaf’s monkey ass out and force him to pay all court costs for his asshattery.

We can only hope.


Wanna make a bet?

How much do you want to bet that these tools only have sex in the missionary position with the lights out and only for procreational purposes?

[Brian] Smith, who lives on the 1600 block of 1st Avenue North, said the problem began when he noticed a large decal on the back window of a car in the parking lot of Quality Life Concepts. The decal is a white silhouette of a naked woman.


Offensive or not, Shanna Weaver, who owns the car and decal in question, said it’s her right to display the picture.

“It’s my freedom of speech, which he can’t take away,” Weaver said. “It’s no different than the mud flaps that you see on trucks.”

Smith feels differently. There are certain parts of the body in that silhouette that neither he nor his wife, Louise, like to look at when they pull into their garage directly across from Quality of Life Concepts, where Weaver works — and parks.


So because neither Brian nor Louise like to look at breasts (I can just imagine how dull, vapid and dreary their lives in the sack are!), and are offended by a simple decal, they demanded that Weaver park somewhere else in order to save their fragile sensibilities.

Um.  Yeah. Not.

And since they couldn’t get any satisfaction by confronting Weaver (nor via any other means, judging by their stodgy, prudish Puritanism), they decided to use government force to compel Weaver to no longer offend them.

Note to the Smiths: buy yourselves a couple of vibrators, some flavored massage oil and some lingerie, and grow the hell up!

There’s no right to not be offended in the Constitution. Trust me. I looked.

Pardon me for being politically incorrect

A new poll is out.

Yeah, I know… Polls are like assholes. They’re ubiquitous, and they all stink. And yes, I realize that comparison is supposed to be about opinions, but polls are comprised of opinions, so I’m not that far off.

Don’t judge.

This one amuses me, though.

Apparently Hillary Clinton is more popular than Zero when it comes to beating GOP contenders.

Clinton leads Mitt Romney, 55% to 38%; Rick Perry, 58% to 32%; and Herman Cain, 56% to 34%, among likely voters in a general election.

Well, yeah!  She’s more masculine than Romney, smarter than Perry (which is not hard to do, because I’ve eaten carrots smarter than the Texas guv), and Cain… well… to be perfectly honest, we’ve tried the whole African-American thing in the White House. Didn’t work out so well.  Maybe the people think it’s time for a Gyno-American to assume leadership of the Free World.

I’m going to paraphrase an old Robin Williams comedy routine:

If we had a woman President, we wouldn’t have nuclear bomb. A woman would never make a nuclear bomb. She’d make a bomb that makes you feel bad for awhile.  And there wouldn’t be any wars… just every twenty-eig­ht days, some intense negotiatio­ns.

Vagina in the White House!  Has an interesting ring for a slogan, n’est-ce pas?


One more enters the field

Is there anyone out there who will vote for this hirsute biker-cum-nutbag for President?

Quran burning pastor Terry Jones, last seen protesting Sharia law outside the White House and accidentally setting off his gun during a trip to Michigan, is getting ready to light up the presidential race.

A press release from Jones’ Stand Up For America Now announced his bid for the White House on Wednesday.

Apparently, he’s got pretty mainstream Republican views.  But he’s… well… nuttier than squirrel shit!


Some people just have a pathological need for attention.

But what the hell! The GOP field was getting pretty dull.

In what country are we living? Can anyone remind me?

I will put a language warning here, because I’m so pissed off, there’s no way I’m going to be able to refrain from profanity so strong, that prisoners in federal penitentiaries will plug their ears with their fingers.  So…


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