So, I finally received a Tito Muñoz mailer… a week before the primary.

…amusing in itself, but not the main thrust of this post.

The mailer has the address on one side, along with the return address for Friends of Tito Munoz on the top, and below that, is a photo of a black guy wearing a flannel shirt and construction hat, looking all blue-collary. It’s accompanied by the following caption:

“The Federal Government has a program to assist Disadvantaged Minority Business Owners.

Guess who was in this program FOR 9 YEARS…” *arrow*

The reverse side has a picture of Jeff Frederick, with a photo of a piece of paper with some SBA data for Jeff’s business (interestingly, the SBA logo was cut-and-pasted onto the photo. Hmmm.) with the caption:

“State Senate Candidate Jeff Frederick was in this program.

State Senate Candidate Jeff Frederick took advantage of a government program for minority owned businesses, by claiming he was a disadvantaged minority both socially and economically – all while he was a sitting member of the House of Delegates and the Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

In Fact, Frederick reported in Dun & Bradstreet that his company grossed $3 MILLION. Disadvantaged? Really??

When it comes to Jeff Frederick… It’s all about Jeff Frederick.”

THIS is what the Muñoz campaign has for us, at the last minute? Seriously? Really? I’ve already debunked this false outrage, not least by pointing out that Tito’s business was ALSO registered with the SBA as a minority-owned disadvantaged business. I abhor the existence of the SBA and in particular, these identity-based programs, but as I said before, if they’re there and you can take advantage of them when you’re starting a business, you do it, bottom line. Both guys did.

This sort of rubbish negativity by Tito Muñoz and his handlers at Desumo Strategies is too little, too late and too ridiculous to avert the impending blowout primary loss to Jeff. Jeff is ignoring it for the most part, as he should. It’s a sign of a doomed, flailing candidate and campaign grasping at straws. Best of luck, boys. You’re toast.


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  1. I saw this thing. Very strange. It does nothing but attack Jeff Frederick. It says nothing about Tito Munoz. Doesn’t tell anyone for whom to vote. Doesn’t even have Tito’s name on it other than a small return address of his campaign in the corner card position.

    It does, however, mention Jeff Frederick’s name several times in LARGE letters, and has so much text and BS that I can’t imagine anyone bothering to read it or retaining anything from it except Jeff Frederick’s name.

    In a game where name recognition is most of the battle, I imagine this silly ad will do little to harm Jeff Frederick and will do more to help him than anything.

    It seems Mr. Munoz’s entire strategy is for him and his supporters to attack his opponent on several non-issues, while at the same time studiously avoiding any mention of his own credentials, views or accomplishments.


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