Weekend Fun

Superman and I had another one of those fun weekends, where it rushes by so quickly, you turn around and it’s gone.  We originally planned to drive to Maryland for a shooting competition, but decided to stick around the area instead.  There was lots to do.

I dragged him to a movie – something he hadn’t done in a while.  Unfortunately that move was Angels & Demons – a book by Dan Brown I absolutely loved, and a book that Ron Howard and his commercialist idiot studio mutilated beyond recognition.  It was crap.  I was pissed.  Superman hadn’t read the book, so he didn’t hate this movie as much as I did.  I hated every minute of it.  I hated the fact that the studio went all PC and made the assassin into some kind of Slavic nerd, instead of the Middle Eastern terrorist he really was.  I hated the fact that they altered the plot so much that the meaning of the novel was lost.  I won’t give you any spoilers here, lest you haven’t read the book, but if you have read it, I urge you NOT to go see the movie, because it sucked.  It sucked on so many different levels, that I ranted and raved about it for hours afterwards.  It sucked not just in the realm of character development (there wasn’t any), but because it completely missed the point of the novel.  It was crap. 

Nonetheless… despite the horrid movie, we still had a great weekend.  The first thing we did is buy Lagniappe a doggie bed.  I got an email this morning about just how much Lagniappe loves his new doggie bed.  He’s happy on it.  He snoozes on it.  He’s content, and doesn’t get all neurotic about not being able to sleep on the bed with Superman.  Happy dog.



We cooked.  It was phenomenal.  Hot, flavorful, yummy chili.  Homemade guacamole that was so good, we devoured two large bowls of it!  Corn on the grill. Fantastic.

He also took me skeet shooting for the first time in my life.  As many pistols and rifles as I’ve fired, I’ve never used a shotgun.  Ever.  So it was my first time for that too.  I got about 50 percent of my targets.  Not too bad for a newbie, I think. 

And then we went flying.

Yeah, he’s a pilot too.

We flew over Harpers Ferry, where we hiked a month or so ago with Lagniappe.

It was a bit hazy, but my zoom lens did the trick.  I still got some incredible photos of the rivers and mountains of West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia (yes, you can see three states from the air)



We flew over his neighborhood, over his church, over the river and a fish farm (I had no idea anyone could farm fish like they do cows, but apparently that is the case.)

And we did it all while Superman sang the theme from Firefly into the headset. “You can’t take the sky from me!

Weird, but fun!  Only problem was that I had consumed an enormous amount of juice and water before the flight, so after about an hour, my bladder was screaming that it hated my guts, and I wasn’t going to pee inside the plane.  So we had to come back down.  Bathroom awaited!

Once we landed, and I made a beeline for the ladies’, SOMEONE decided it would be funny to tell me that the bathrooms in that particular building were inop, and that I was better off using the bathroom in the main airport building.  He then proceeded to tickle me on the way in, just to make it worse.  He’s certainly lucky I like him.  I did get a few choice bitch slaps in, however.

We spent the rest of the day yesterday just relaxing.  We watched Torchwood and had some quality chill-out time with Lagniappe.  The rest was much needed and appreciated, and I’m all ready to get back to work tomorrow,.


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  1. It was fun. Too bad the restrooms were out of order in the airport office when we landed.Oh that’s right–they weren’t, were they?Snicker!


  2. You’re lucky I like you!


  3. The book is almost always better than the movie, though I gotta say I do think the movie adaptation of Forrest Gump was very good. And Hollywood’s kowtowed to the Islamist lobby before — they changed the villains in the movie adaptation of Tom Clancy’s The Sum of All Fears as well — but it’s still disappointing to see them do it again.


  4. straightarrow

    Dan Brown is a very good author, but he stole my book. ok, ok, he didn’t steal it, but his made mine a day late and a dollar short.. I still read everything he writes.


  5. Yeah, they did that to Tom Clancy’s “Sum of All Fears”, too. In the book it was Islamic terrorists, but in the movie, Hollywood went all P.C., and the villains were Neo Nazis.


  6. Dog pics. Firefly reference. If I didn’t already have a crush on you, I TOTALLY WOULD NOW. (Seriously, warn Superman. A short brownhaired woman who currently lives in England is going to come and kidnap his dog very soon. It can’t be helped. Dogs that cute have to live with me.)Love you, girlie. Check your email.


  7. Bodhisattva4.2a

    sure this guy’s name isn’t really Henry Bowman? 😉


  8. Bodhisattva4.2a

    Sure this guy’s name isn’t really “Henry Bowman”? 😉


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